Asphalt Testing with SAFECHEM

We offer products and services for checking the quality of asphalt that is used in road construction.

Safe roads need high-quality asphalt

Before streets can be formed, the quality of the materials used to build them needs to be checked. In the case of asphalt streets, one of the material checks includes determining the bitumen content – a main binder compound in asphalt – and subsequently analysing the physical properties of this bitumen.

To do this, the bitumen is extracted from the asphalt matrix by using our solvent. After extraction, the physical parameters of dry bitumen are tested.

How we can help with Asphalt testing

For the extraction of bitumen from asphalt, SAFECHEM offers PURENE™, a high-purity solvent based on virgin-grade, high-performance perchloroethylene.

PURENE™ has been specifically developed to provide accurate and reproducible test results in asphalt extraction. For optimized safety and sustainability, PURENE™ is delivered in the SAFE-TAINER™ System, an all-encompassing solution for solvent risk management that enables safe transport, storage and handling of solvents with virtually no emissions.

To improve process stability and protect the asphalt analyzer, we provide additional service elements including  

  • MAXICHECK™ Alkali Test Kit for easy on-site monitoring of solvent quality
  • MAXISTAB™ PS-2 Stabilizer, which can effectively counter the effect of acidification without adverse effects on the analysis results. Regular application of the stabilizer not only extends the lifespan of the machine and its critical parts, but also increases process stability. 
  • CHEMAWARE™ Asphalt Additive Compatibility Test for more targeted and timely application of stabilizer.

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Our Partner

We work in close cooperation with infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH an asphalt testing machine manufacturing company.

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