Perchloroethylene (PER) offers great value for textile cleaners and great cleaning for customers. No wonder it has established itself as the benchmark solvent and is today found on 95% of the care labels of valuable garments.

DOWPER™* Pure Power is an advanced, premium perchloroethylene specially developed to meet the high requirements of textile cleaning. The enhanced purity of 99.95% provides an exceptional performance while helping to preserve the life of the cleaning equipment and textiles due to its special stabilization. This benchmark solvent is a solid choice for high-quality textile cleaning.

Nonetheless, Perchloroethylene has some challenges, too. It presents product-specific risks for people and the environment, and requires sound risk management solutions.

Introducing: The New Standard

As part of a Service Alliance of leading equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and responsible distributors, we established THE NEW STANDARD, an offering for the safe and sustainable use of Perchloroethylene with DOWPER™* Pure Power.

THE NEW STANDARD encompasses products and services like our closed-loop SAFE-TAINER™ System, DOWPER™* Pure Power and specially developed service elements that help you to use Perchloroethylene in a safer and more sustainable way.

SAFE-TAINER™ - A closed loop solution to manage handling of Perchloroethylene

To protect your employees and the environment, we offer the supply of DOWPER™* Pure Power in the SAFE-TAINER™ System. This closed-loop, state-of-the-art delivery system consists of two specially designed units: one supplies your machine with fresh solvents, and one takes back the used solvents.

In combination with closed cleaning equipment, the SAFE-TAINER™ System represents the Best Available Technology (BAT) to transport, store and handle solvents like Perchloroethylene. Special accessories additionally ensure a virtually emission-free solvent transfer.

By taking into account the health and safety-related issues of the solvent throughout its lifecycle, the SAFE-TAINER™ System solution is in line with Responsible Care® principles.

Dowper™* pure power is available in 4 easy-to-handle units for the safe-tainer™ system units:

SAFETAINER for 15 liter

15 litre safe-tainer™ system

for fresh DOWPER™* Pure Power

SAFETAINER for 33 liter

33 litre safe-tainer™ system

for fresh DOWPER™* Pure Power

SAFETAINER for 54 liter

54 litre safe-tainer™ system

for used Perchloroethylene

SAFETAINER containers

200 litre safe-tainer™ system

for fresh DOWPER™* Pure Power and used perchlorethylene

Identifying the right equipment

We regularly exchange know-how with leading manufacturers of textile cleaning equipment to continuously enhance our cleaning solutions. This cooperation is essential to achieve high-performance cleaning results for you and your customers.

Our specialists can assist you with trials at OEM sites to find an economical individual technical cleaning solution from these manufacturers:

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