Increase process reliability in your solvent cleaning

High-quality cleaning is only of value when you can rely on the results. The cleaning activity should never be a bottleneck in your production process. Through our CHEMAWARE™ Knowledge Services, you can access and take advantage of our experts' know-how for an efficient, reliable and sustainable cleaning process. Find out below what CHEMAWARE™ can do for you to keep your production running.

Routine solvent monitoring,
maintenance and quality record

A reliable process requires regular checks of the solvent quality. With specialized Test Kits, this can be done on-site quickly and easily by anyone involved in the cleaning process.

The CHEMAWARE™ Logbook then enables you to easily analyse the results of the tests and to keep track of the solvent quality for long-term quality purposes. The logbooks are updated every year and are provided for free.

The CHEMAWARE™ Logbook contains the basic information that our experts need to quickly answer any question that arises regarding your solvent quality. We recommend all our customers to always keep the logbook up to date and to attach it to any technical questions. Some of the benefits of using the logbooks are:

  • Transparency for your employees and the specialists from both the solvent supplier and the machine manufacturer
  • The solvent quality is measurable and can be assessed in context
  • Seamless documentation of your system’s operation
  • Supports existing regulations as documentation (e.g. material accounting)

Regular in-depth analysis in our laboratories

A regular CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Analysis in our laboratories provides more detailed information about the condition of your solvents.

In our analysis, we screen a wide range of indicators such as solvent stability or the quantity and composition of impurities. This is especially useful because volatile impurities, for example, are undetectable on-site, but can become a threat to your process reliability.

We recommend performing this in-depth evaluation of the solvent condition regularly, ideally at least every six months.


Proactive testing of new oils

With the CHEMAWARE™ Oil Compatibility Test, you can evaluate new operating supplies before using them or find causes of difficulties with existing oils.

This proactive testing enables you to check an oil’s compatibility with your system. It provides a forecast of the potential evolution of the system and possible preventive actions that would reduce process disturbances.

We recommend testing any oil before introducing it into your system. Minor changes in the oil composition are not always communicated to the users, but they can impact the long-term stability of the cleaning process. The CHEMAWARE™ Oil Compatibility Test can help you to understand those changes and take appropriate action.

Additionally, if you observe any changes in your process like degrading cleaning results or an increase in stabilizer consumption, the CHEMAWARE™ Oil Compatibility Test can be an efficient diagnosis tool.


CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Training

Reliability of the cleaning process requires constant solvent monitoring and maintenance. To train and empower your employees in taking ownership of the cleaning operation is crucial to helping prevent process disturbances.

With our CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Training, we assist you in empowering your employees to maintain a reliable cleaning process. In our training sessions, CHEMAWARE™ experts share their know-how with your employees who are involved in the cleaning process. Thus, everyone can understand why and how to monitor the solvents and maintain the cleaning media.

Our experience shows that if employees are involved and understand their responsibilities in the cleaning process, the long-term reliability increases.

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