Service elements for optimizing the metal cleaning process

Extend the solvent's lifespan with our service elements

Regular solvent monitoring, and stabilization (if required), is indispensable for optimal solvent management. It can help safeguard cleaning machine and extend solvent lifespan.

With our easy-to-use test kits, stabilizers, additives and documentation tools, you can create an on-site reuse loop so that your cleaning agent can be used for a longer period of time.

With our MAXICHECK™ Test Kits, you can easily test your solvent’s quality on-site. Through simple measurement methods the pH-value, acid content and alkalinity of the solvent can be determined.  The Test Kits also give you a reliable indication of whether re-stabilization is needed and in what quantity.

maxicheck test case

With our MAXISTAB™ Stabilizers and MAXIBOOST™ Solvent Additives, you can extend the lifespan of the solvent in your machine and keep your production running.

In particular, our MAXISTAB™ S-Series Stabilizers further expand the possibilities of modified alcohols by maximizing process reliability. The Series has been specially developed to counteract the effects of organic acids, sulphur compounds, hydrochloric acid and chlorides – and to prevent their build-up in cleaning systems. The innovative stabilizers can enable a stable process even when cleaning highly chlorinated oils.



Once the solvent has reached the end of its lifespan, our services for waste management enable you to deliver the used solvent for recycling in order to recover the still-usable solvent.

In addition, we offer MAXISTAB™ XF-1 Antifoam, a high-performance defoamer for use in closed metal cleaning systems. Developed to stabilize parts cleaning operations, MAXISTAB™ XF-1 Antifoam can reliably reduce foam in the distillation process which can lead to inadequate cleaning results.