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Choosing not just any, but the right cleaning technology for you is a critical step. Many different aspects have to be considered and the volume of technical data available can seem overwhelming.

With our consultancy service "Choosing the Right Cleaning Agent", we assist you in defining the important requirements that your cleaning technology must fulfil, and we help you develop the technical specs, so that you can see more clearly.

Drawing on decades of experience and in close cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers, our experts have developed a methodology that is both simple enough for everyone to use and extensive enough to help you come to a well-considered decision. In addition, we pay particular attention to being as unbiased as possible. If the right cleaning solution for your application is not in SAFECHEM's portfolio, we will not hesitate to say so.

In this context you can also benefit from our knowledge and network to inform yourself in a broader range about the perspective of the future use of selected solvents - e.g. you can watch the video with various stakeholder statements for the future of PER here.

How does it work?

The consultation aims to find a solution that fully meets these three requirements:

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This is the starting point of our process to define the right cleaning technology for you. If this step is not carried out properly, the chosen cleaning equipment cannot achieve its primary purpose: cleaning your parts!
Two aspects are important in this step: the type of parts to be cleaned, and the type of soil to be removed. Typical questions in this step regarding the parts and soil are:

  • What are the parts to be cleaned made of?
  • What size are the parts?
  • What shape are the parts?
  • Do the parts have blind holes or an inner volume to be cleaned?
  • What type of soil needs to be removed?
    • Particles?
    • Dust?
    • Salt?
    • Oil?
    • Wax, film, or paint?
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After we have identified a set of cleaning agents that will clean your parts effectively, they need to be evaluated by focusing on the economic perspective. In this step, two major aspects need to be considered: 

Upfront running cost
  • Raw material consumption and resource efficiency
  • Energy consumption
  • Used material disposal
  • Machine maintenance cost
Hidden cost
  • Process reliability
  • Process quality
  • Process flexibility
  • Process predictability
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Meeting Environmental, Health and Safety regulations is a requirement for every modern production operation. Often enough, the cleaning process is underrepresented when it comes to this topic, even though the right cleaning technology can have a positive effect.

Therefore, it is important to understand the product-specific risks of the different solutions in order to find the right risk management approach and to understand the environmental benefits a specific technology has to offer.

During the consultation process, this is one of the most complex topics. Air emission, energy consumption, ground pollution, resource depletion, CO2 footprint, water footprint and waste production are just some of the relevant points to consider when deciding on the perfect cleaning solution.

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