If you're into efficiency, COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing is for you

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the results you want from your parts cleaning, but more easily? While preserving resources? And without all the administrative hassle around it? Well, you can. With the award-winning COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing by SAFECHEM, you can do less and achieve more.

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The incentive to help you use less solvent is embedded within the innovative business model of COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing. By using modern equipment, with our full solution under a COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing partnership, some of our customers have experienced a reduction in solvent usage of 93% – while achieving machine utilization of 99%!


Gone are the days when engineers spent their precious time continuously calculating their solvent requirements, filling in order forms, taking care of waste management, arguing for bath exchanges and much more on their own. With COMPLEASE™, engineers gain more time to do what they love: creating innovative products.


Parts cleaning, if not implemented properly, could easily put your sustainability strategy at risk. The more you produce, the more solvents you need. With COMPLEASE™, you benefit from our know-how to increase safety, optimize solvent consumption and your entire cleaning process. Thus, COMPLEASE™ contributes to more sustainability in your company.


Parts cleaning used to be a permanent threat to well-crafted financial plans. Just one unplanned bath exchange or reorder of solvents could create turmoil in the accounts department. With COMPLEASE™ you get fixed monthly rates and the security to plan ahead for a full year.

Here is how complease™ works

With COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing, you don’t buy solvents any more – you buy a customized performance package and leave nearly all of the administrative work to us. This innovative business model enables you to choose a cost-transparent and the most economically valuable combination for you.

The COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing package

The COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing packages are created individually and usually include:

+ Technical service and consultancy

+ High performance solvents

+ Safe delivery in the SAFE-TAINER™ System

+ Collection of used solvent in the SAFE-TAINER™ System

safe tainer container

+ Waste analysis

+ MAXICHECK™ Test Kit on-site quality monitoring

+ MAXISTAB™ Stabilisers / MAXIBOOST™ Solvent Additives

maxicheck test case

+ CHEMAWARE™ Logbook

+ CHEMAWARE™ Lab Services

+ CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Trainings

+ CHEMAWARE™ Exposure Measurement

12 months of simplicity

COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing simplifies your work. Once the agreement is up and running you can call up the product you need, when you need it. No extra invoice, and therefore no extra purchasing approval needed. Twelve months of simplicity for you and your purchasing department!

Too good to
be true? No!

"Cleaning has also become more economical. This results, on the one hand, from reduced admin costs. On the other hand, supply of solvent and stabiliser matches exactly our needs."

Stephen Ingham, Facilities and Capital Assets Engineer at SAFRAN Nacelles
> Download the SAFRAN Nacelles case study

Ready to do less for more?
get your complease™ efficiency audit
for free!

Ready to do less for more?
Get your COMPLEASE™ efficiency audit for free!


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