Knowledge sharing for best practices in solvent cleaning

Under CHEMAWARE™ Knowledge Services, we offer trainings, lab services and consultancy to solvent users, always keeping sustainable long-term use in mind – which means always considering your economic, ecological and social needs.

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CHEMAWARE™ Knowledge Services

CHEMAWARE™ Information Platform

The CHEMAWARE™ Information Platform provides extensive know-how to help companies better understand the metal cleaning process. Through the provision of valuable information on how parts cleaning work, solvent legislation, risk management, process optimization and key requirements for choosing the right cleaning technology, CHEMAWARE™ Information Platform encourages the safe and sustainable use of solvents and helps companies make a sound decision in their industrial cleaning applications.  

CHEMAWARE™ Laboratory Analyses

In most cases, fast on-site solvent tests will provide adequate information for re-stabilization. However, in some cases, the cause for insufficient cleaning efficiency may only be determined by means of comprehensive laboratory testing.

From routine analyses to complex troubleshooting, our Lab Services help ensure process reliability and optimized cleaning performance.

  • CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Analysis measures the solvent quality.  
  • CHEMAWARE™ Oil Compatibility Test determines the compatibility of different oils applied in the production process with the solvent and its stabilization.  
  • CHEMAWARE™ Special Analyses are made on demand and provide you with the information needed for your own optimal cleaning process.

CHEMAWARE™ Chemical and Technical Consulting

SAFECHEM provides consultation on specific issues related to the safe and sustainable use of solvents, from handling practices and optimization of the cleaning process all the way to implementation of new cleaning solutions.

We can advise you on questions such as:

  • Which cleaning solution should I use?
  • How do I comply with legislations?
  • How can I effectively manage my risks?

With our free consultancy service "Choosing the Right Cleaning Agent", for example, we can assist you in defining the important requirements that your cleaning technology must fulfil, and help you develop the technical specs so you can see more clearly.


CHEMAWARE™ Educational Services

We offer you and your employees solvent awareness training courses to enable a safe, efficient and reliable solvent cleaning process.



Theoretical Part

  • Industrial parts cleaning
  • Chemical and physical properties of solvents
  • Risk management and Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) measures
  • Regulatory framework
  • Closed cleaning equipment
  • Process technology

Practical Part

  • Handling of the SAFE-TAINER™ System
  • Taking solvent sample from the cleaning machine
  • Monitoring the pH-value and quality of the solvent with test kits
  • Documenting the solvent logbook
  • Maintaining solvent stability with stabilizers for quality assurance and equipment protection

CHEMAWARE™ Smart Services

The innovative CHEMAWARE™ Smart Services is a tablet-based app which radically simplifies the monitoring and maintenance of the cleaning media. As a part of the COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing package, CHEMAWARE™ Smart Services contains a number of important process monitoring tools:  

  • CHEMAWARE™ Logbook with recommendations on stabilization
  • Waste information which can be filtered by machine
  • COMPLEASE™ portal enabling user access to consumption figures plus the ability to request product delivery
  • Automatic reminders on solvent testing or CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Analyses.



CHEMAWARE™ Exposure Measurement

With the CHEMAWARE™ Exposure Management services, companies can measure and monitor workers‘ Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure to chlorinated solvents. They are part of recommended EH&S actions and enable the implementation of better risk management measures to increase worker safety.