Meeting your most demanding metal cleaning requirements

Whatever we do, whatever we develop and whatever we offer, we always do it for one simple reason: to fully satisfy our customers in various industries. Here are some of their stories.

AEROSPACE: 92.9% less solvents,
50% less energy costs for Aircelle

"COMPLEASE™ helps us to meet all our requirements to HSE and provides us with expert consultancy and industry know-how."

Stephen Ingham, Facilities and Capital Assets Engineer at Aircelle
aircraft turbine
The customer:

Aircelle, a member of the SAFRAN Group, is one of the world leaders in nacelle integration and the only manufacturer that offers solutions for different market segments – from business and regional jets to the largest commercial airliners like the Airbus A 380.


The task:

Aircelle needed to find a reliable and economic process that both ensures reliable component cleanliness and stays in line with health, safety and environment requirements (HSE).

The SAFECHEM benefit:

By switching to a modern cleaning process incorporating COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing, Aircelle reduced its solvent consumption by 92.9% and its energy cost by 50%.

PERCHLOROETHYLENE: Testimonials from various industry stakeholders on
the future of Per

“In the future, as now, we will be relying strongly on PER.”

Kai Lechner, Head of Technology at VIA Oberflächentechnik

In industrial parts cleaning, the aim is to understand all the options and review them carefully. Depending on the requirements, the solvent perchloroethylene often represents a suitable solution. The use of PER in modern, closed-circuit systems provides for a safe and virtually emissions-free cleaning process.

Learn how various industry stakeholders rely on the advantages of cleaning with PER now and in the future.

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Tool Making: Cleaning chlorinated oils in modified alcohol for BK Stanz- und Umformtechnik

"The talks with SAFECHEM and the support from the company convinced us that SAFECHEM was focused on process reliability and outstanding cleaning results, together with safety for the environment and our employees."

Günter Görgen, Managing Director BK Stanz- und Umformtechnik
employee fills machine
The customer:

Kunrath Werkzeugbau develops and builds complex tools up to 4.2 m long, using prefabricated and cast construction in transfer and progressive die technology. Using the latest mechanical and hydraulic presses, BK Stanz- und Umformtechnik GmbH (part of the Kunrath Group) produces drawn, stamped and bent parts up to 3 mm thick, made of chrome and stainless steel.

The task:

After installing a brand-new state-of-the-art 800-ton servo-transfer press, BK also needed a new cleaning process to meet the extremely high quality demands of their customers in the automotive industry.

The SAFECHEM Benefit:

A combination of our DOWCLENE™* 1601 Modified Alcohol Solvent, our MAXISTAB™ SD-7 and our MAXISTAB™ SV-9 Stabilizers finally brought the desired results. With it, BK saves a lot of reloading time, achieves a much higher parts quality, and benefits from a more stable process.

Areospace: Lower costs, better
cleaning quality
for HS Marston

"With SAFECHEM and COMPLEASE™, we have a partner who ensures, together with us, that our cleaning process is stable. And all that for a fixed monthly fee."

Andy Lees, Manufacturing and Logistics Manager at HS Marston
Cooling system - cold plate
The customer:

HS Marston, a UTC Aerospace Systems company, develops and manufactures a wide range of heat transfer and fluid management products and services for the commercial and military aerospace markets, motorsport and electronics industries.

The task:

HS Marston needed to find a cleaning process that reliably removes even invisible residues from the heat exchanger components to avoid costly re-works. Additionally, they wanted to increase their EH&S performance.

the safechem benefit:

Using a combination of CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Training, DOWCLENE™* 1601, the SAFE-TAINER™ System, our MAXICHECK™ Test Kit and COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing, HS Marston was able to achieve both significantly better cleaning results and lower costs.

Contract Parts Cleaning: Fine cleaning with
a robust process for VIA

"Since working with SAFECHEM, the system runs continually in a two-shift mode. This means we are talking about big savings here."

Kai Lechner, Head of the Technical Department of VIA Oberflächentechnik
industrial warehouse
The customer:

VIA Oberflächentechnik is a specialist in contractual degreasing, cleaning and polishing of industrial workpieces. From filigree small parts to massive parts weighing a ton, the company cleans all parts of industrial production using programmes specially adapted to each component.

The task:

The hitherto existing cleaning process at VIA led to a rising acid concentration in the solvent which made it necessary to regularly replace the solvent. Apart from the solvent costs, this always meant a two-shift interruption in the cleaning process for the machine to cool off. VIA asked SAFECHEM to find out if this could be changed.

the safechem benefit:

VIA now uses the DOWCLENE™* 1601 together with MAXISTAB™ SD-5, and the results are more than convincing. The problem of over-acidification has disappeared – along with the old sulphur odour on parts!

Areospace: emission-free parts cleaning
with 90% less solvent consumption for
BAE Systems

"BAE Systems' 100,000 employees benefit from higher work-safety with the emission-free closed-loop SAFE-TAINER™ System."

engineer works on device
The customer:

BAE Systems is the world’s second-largest defence company and a security enterprise with approximately 100,000 employees worldwide. The company delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and support services to customers in more than 100 countries. At the site in Samlesbury (UK), BAE Systems provides manufacturing and support capabilities to a number of internationally important aircraft programmes including Eurofighter Typhoon and F35-Lightning II, in addition to working on unmanned air vehicle demonstrators.


The task:

BAE Systems used trichloroethylene in an open-top degreaser for many years. This required not only for the maintenance operator to wear inhalation protection, but also the use of high quantities of the chlorinated solvent, which made BAE Systems one of the UK’s largest users of the chemical. Concerned about the high consumption of the chemical and the VOC emissions caused by the cleaning process, BAE wanted to look for alternatives. It also wanted to increase quality, performance and EH&S.


the safechem benefit

BAE now uses NEU-TRI™ E Trichloroethylene with our SAFE-TAINER™ System in brand-new closed equipment. This means an emission-free closed loop and therefore no more need for inhalation protection for the operators. In addition, with our MAXICHECK™ Test Kit and MAXISTAB™ Stabilizers, switching to this modern solution brought a 90% reduction in solvent consumption.