Knowledge Services

Learn how to use solvents in a safe and sustainable way to create first-class industrial parts cleaning with our CHEMAWARE™ Knowledge Services.


Knowledge Services

Learn how to use solvents in a safe and sustainable way to create first-class industrial parts cleaning with our CHEMAWARE™ Knowledge Services.

Our knowledge services for safe and sustainable solvent cleaning

With our CHEMAWARE™ Information Platform, we support you with unique services, technical advice and in-depth valuable information in decision-making processes regarding high-quality industrial parts cleaning from usage to disposal.

Benefit from our training, services and consultancy offers to set up sustainable long-term use of cleaning solvents in terms of economic, ecological and social needs.

Our professional partners along the entire supply chain support CHEMAWARE™ with their combined knowledge. Besides SAFECHEM, these include major producers of solvents with extensive experience and know-how, the leading and responsible chemical distributors, the majority of technology leaders for regulatory-compliant cleaning equipment and a group of leading certified waste management companies.

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Exposure Measurement Services

Monitoring exposure to solvent is an essential step towards higher awareness and increased safety. Here you can learn more about the CHEMAWARE™ Exposure Measurement Services.

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Lab Services

CHEMAWARE™ Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology to support demanding analytical requests from customers. From routine in-depth solvent analyses and oil compatibility tests to complex troubleshooting, discover how the lab services can support increased process reliability.  

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Information Platform

The CHEMAWARE™ Information Platform provides free access to information to help better understand metal cleaning. Technical aspects, safety and legislation are the main content elements of the platform.  

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CHEMAWARE™ strives for safe and sustainable use of chemicals. Raising awareness and transferring knowledge are basic tools for improving the way we perceive and handle chemicals. With our consultancy services, our experts give advice on questions like:
Which cleaning solution should I use?
How do I comply with legislation?

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Smart Services

CHEMAWARE™ Smart Services are the newest addition to our CHEMAWARE™ Services. They significantly simplify the monitoring and maintenance of cleaning media. Smart Services are in line with the current evolution towards "Industry 4.0".  

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Educational Services

CHEMAWARE™ Educational Services, like the CHEMAWARE™ Solvent Training, Seminars or Forums are organized to reach a broader audience. The knowledge and advice shared by our experts can be applied directly to increase process reliability, safety at work or to maintain legal compliance.  

Knowledge about cleaning

Our experts’ knowledge about industrial cleaning, solvents, cleaning methods and their responsible use gathered together for you. 

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Legislation overview

Look up international and national laws around solvent usage.

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Choosing the right technology

We help you to find the exact solvent that fulfils your cleaning, economic and legislative requirements.

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Safety with solvents

What is the difference between hazard and risk? And how can you keep your employees and the environment safe by implementing comprehensive risk management?

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Process Reliability

Get and keep your processes running reliably.

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