Safe solvent handling with the SAFE-TAINER™ system

Full cleaning power while managing the risk

Full cleaning power while managing the risk

The SAFE-TAINER™ System is a proactive risk management measure. Specifically developed with Responsible Care® guidelines in mind, it has already taken into account potential health and safety risks associated with solvents.

As a closed-loop, state-of-the-art system for handling solvents, the SAFE-TAINER™ System consists of two different exclusively designed double-walled containers – one for the supply of fresh solvent; and the other for the collection of used solvent. The steel outer casing further protects the drum and prevents damage or spills.

This solution not only enables a safer supply of fresh material, it also allows the safer return of used solvents which will be recovered in an accredited professional recycling facility.

Using special accessories, the SAFE-TAINER™ System can be connected to all types of closed cleaning machines in just a few simple steps. Used in combination with closed cleaning equipment, the SAFE-TAINER™ System is considered to be the best available technology (BAT) for the safe, easy and sustainable transport, storage, and handling of solvents.

The SAFE-TAINER™ System is available for both chlorinated solvents as well as modified alcohols – so you can choose the solvent best suited to your applications and handle both alternatives in a safe way.

Along with other Chemical Product Services provided by SAFECHEM including test kits and stabilizers, the SAFE-TAINER™ System enables an optimized solvent cleaning process that is safe, efficient and effective.



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