Regular bath monitoring and maintenance is indispensable for achieving optimal cleaning results and longer bath lifetimes for both water-based and solvent cleaning.

In aqueous system, chemicals such as builders, surfactants, emulsifiers, sequestering/chelating agents and buffers are added to enhance the cleaning profile.

The concentration of these chemicals must be constantly monitored and adjusted to secure a stable process. In many cases, more than one or even multiple tests will be required every week.

Aqueous cleaning can be prone to bioburden issues. To avoid growth of bacteria, the use of biocides might be necessary.

Parts cleaning with solvent requires no additional chemicals (beside stabilizers), so the chemistry in the vapor degreaser remains consistent and requires little attention to ensure a constant cleaning performance.

Nevertheless, as used solvent is constantly re-purified and recycled via distillation – meaning more work demand is made on less solvent input – the stress on solvents could increase.

To extend solvent lifespan, on-site solvent monitoring and control can be conducted once a week in no more than 20 minutes. Where necessary, stabilizer concentrates can be added to counteract evolving acidity, prevent discoloration or metal catalytic effects among others, while enabling safe pH value and reliable processes. It is recommended to undertake a full solvent analysis twice a year to ensure solvent quality.