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Our broad range of high-quality chlorinated solvents and modified alcohol solvents is the very foundation of our house of cleaning solutions.


Get high performance and an extended life span in modern closed vapour degreasing equipment with our virgin-grade Perchloroethylene DOWPER™* MC.

DOWPER™* MC contains a special additive, making it an ideal cleaning agent for heavy-duty applications. Its relatively high vapour temperature helps to eliminate high-melting, oxidized or hardened grease and contaminants. The high volume of solvent vapour condensing on the surface of contaminated parts helps it to achieve thorough, efficient cleaning. DOWPER™* MC is stable against light metals, including aluminium, against formulated cutting oils and their additives, and against water humidity. The evaporation characteristics of DOWPER™* MC help metal surfaces to dry quickly and completely.

This high stability remains unaffected by boiling or distillation, enabling an extended life span in closed equipment. This makes DOWPER™* MC a solvent well suited to the Circular Economy approach.

When used with the right equipment, the right accessories, the right risk management solution (like our SAFE-TAINER™ System) and the right Service Elements, such as MAXISTAB™ Stabilizers and MAXICHECK™ Test Kits, Perchloroethylene remains an excellent technical solution for many cleaning applications.

Learn how various industry stakeholders rely on the advantages of cleaning with PER here.

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NEU-TRI™° E is our virgin-grade Trichloroethylene, specially stabilized for high performance and extended life span in modern closed vapour degreasing equipment.

NEU-TRI™° E achieves high-performance metal cleaning with limited risk of corroding, oxidizing, staining, etching, pitting or dulling the surface of the metal. It has a high solvency power to act against oils, grease, wax and most other materials normally found in the metal processing industry. A moderate boiling point allows good compatibility with oil, while the low latent heat and low heat of vaporization result in effective and economical cleaning.

Trichloroethylene is subject to authorization under REACH legislation. Therefore, with effect from 21 April 2016, Trichloroethylene can only be used in metal cleaning under very strict conditions.

To read more about the REACH legislation and Trichloroethylene, please consult our CHEMAWARE™ Legislative overview.



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Modified Alcohol Solvents

The solvents of the DOWCLENE™* 16 Series – DOWCLENE™* 1601, DOWCLENE™* 1611 and DOWCLENE™* 1621 – are our virgin, high-performance Modified Alcohol Solvents with excellent cleaning properties. They can be suitable for difficult cleaning applications.

DOWCLENE™* 1601 Modified Alcohol Solvent is approved and used by well-known aerospace companies, as well as being certified biocompatible by the Fraunhofer Institute in accordance with DIN ISO 10993-5 2009 for medical cleaning applications.

Modified alcohol solvents from the DOWCLENE™* 16 Series have non-polar and polar properties. All grades have a low toxicity and are chemically very stable. They are suitable for removing a variety of contaminants, enabling them to satisfy individual requirements.


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MECTHENE™° MC is a highly stabilised methylene chloride from SAFECHEM especially developed for a variety of surface cleaning applications. Due to its very high solvency power it is a viable alternative for a wide range of cleaning applications. MECTHENE™° MC can provide similar results compared to the ones achieved with trichloroethylene. It is a low boiling product, biodegradable and is accompanied by a wide service offer.


MECTHENE™° MC is approved by BAM, the German Institute for Material Testing. It is available of course as well in the closed loop SAFE-TAINER™ System for the safe and sustainable handling of solvents including the supply and take-back. It is accompanied by Service Elements like the MAXICHECK™ Test Kit, MAXISTAB™ Stabilizer and laboratory services like detailed oil compatibility tests and solvent analysis. Solvent trainings and consultancy complete our offer.




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