global chemical leasing award 2021

SAFECHEM awarded “Chemical Leasing Frontrunners” by UNIDO

In the fifth edition of UNIDO’s Chemical Leasing Award this year, SAFECHEM has been awarded the special jury recognition “Chemical Leasing Frontrunners”. This recognition is yet another positive confirmation that COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing, SAFECHEM’s customized chemical leasing package launched over a decade ago, is making a positive impact on its business, partners and customers.

UNIDO’s Chemical Leasing Award acknowledges companies for best practices, innovative approaches and ideas related to chemical leasing and similar performance-based business models for sustainable chemicals management. 

The premise of COMPLEASE™ is to enable end-users to “do more with less”. COMPLEASE™ helps companies improve the efficiency of their metal cleaning operation so they can optimize resource usage. Instead of buying solvents, customers buy a tailored performance package for a fixed monthly rate. The service bundle typically covers high performance solvents, safe solvent delivery and collection of used solvents in the SAFE-TAINER™ System, waste analysis, test kits and stabilizers, as well as lab services, technical consultancy and solvent trainings.

With this performance-based and sustainability-oriented business model, SAFECHEM helps companies reduce chemical consumption, extend solvent lifetime as well as minimize waste.

“Supporting the circular economy has always been one of our core values. But circular economy is so much more than just recycling. It is also about decoupling the desired outcomes from the resources needed. This means helping customers obtain better performance out of the products and to use the products for longer. COMPLEASE™ is a perfect embodiment of these principles. We thank UNIDO for this special recognition, and also congratulate our distribution partners CSC Jäklechemie and Ravago Chemicals who are equally recognized for their efforts in driving sustainability,” commented Camille Vicier, Sustainability Manager at SAFECHEM.