SAFECHEM marks official entry into Mexico with new legal entity

SAFECHEM has established a new legal entity in Mexico – SAFECHEM de México.  

Mexico is a major manufacturing hub for global manufacturers, with automotive, aviation and aerospace, medical devices as well as electronics being its most prominent industries. In fact, Mexico is the 6th largest automotive manufacturer in the world, with 14 car brands being produced, and 600 tier 1 locations.

The move demonstrates SAFECHEM’s confidence in Mexico’s further economic growth and its ambition to raise standards in critical cleaning applications.  

Currently, parts cleaning in Mexico is dominated by aqueous cleaning. The adoption and knowledge of solvent technology in closed cleaning machines is still limited. However, given Mexico’s growing manufacturing capabilities in both size and sophistication, there is tremendous potential for the use of solvent technology to fulfil the increasingly discerning requirements on parts cleaning quality. 

“Mexico is highly attractive for global manufacturing companies because of its close proximity to the US, free trade agreements with nearly every country, and a highly skilled and plentiful workforce,“ remarked Manfred Holzleg, General Manager of SAFECHEM Europe GmbH. “We see significant opportunities for solvent cleaning because of the ever-higher cleanliness and quality standards demanded by global manufacturers. There is also great pressure on companies to raise sustainability performance and cut operational costs – both of which can be enabled through solvent cleaning while achieving superior cleaning results. We want to expand the available parts cleaning options in the region, and most importantly, help companies transform the critical cleaning process into a value adding step that drives operational and resource efficiency.” 

As a service company specialized in the sustainable and safe use of solvents, SAFECHEM will be bringing to the Mexican market its full range of high performance, virgin-grade modified alcohols – including the DOWCLENE™* 16-Series and DUALENE™ 1601 S – along with its portfolio of service elements, from test kits and stabilizers to lab analyses and technical consultancy. SAFECHEM’s current US distribution partners – Brulin and Hubbard Hall – will be covering the Mexican market, while further local distribution partners will be evaluated.    

Back in 2020, SAFECHEM already set up a new legal entity in the US. The latest establishment of the legal entity in Mexico further underlines its commitment to the North American market as a whole.