SEITZ welcomed as global distribution partner of SENSENE™

SEITZ has become a global distribution partner of SENSENE™, a modified alcohol-based dry cleaning solvent developed by SAEFCHEM. Until now SEITZ has been responsible for SENSENE™ distribution in North America only.

With over 135 years of history, SEITZ is reputed in the field of proper hygiene cleaning and care.

Thanks to the already strong support network of regional and local distributors all over the world, SENSENE™ has quickly established a global presence with customers in over 40 countries – across North America to Europe all the way to Asia Pacific – since its initial launch in 2016. 

This new global remit of SEITZ, alongside the existing distribution channels of SENSENE™, will enable higher brand visibility and a broader reach to the market.

“Drawing on SEITZ’s reputation and its global capabilities, we have a reliable partner with whom we can build on our growth momentum. At the same time, the global success of SENSENE™ hinges on every partnership that we have, and we will continue to work closely with our existing distribution channels around the globe to service the needs of our end customers,” said Manfred Holzleg, General Manager of SAFECHEM.

Commenting on the expanded scope of their role, Alexander Seitz, General Manager of SEITZ, remarked, “We appreciate the opportunity to deepen our relationship with SAFECHEM and the trust they place in us. We’re excited to play our part in introducing SENSENE™ to more dry cleaners around the world and contributing to its further growth.”